Simple classification of stainless steel

Stainless steel can be roughly divided into three categories: 200 series, 300 series, and 400 series. Among them, 300 series is the most commonly used, and 200 series and 400 series are to some extent substitutes for 300 series. Strictly speaking, 400 series is not called stainless steel, but stainless iron because it does not contain nickel elements, so magnets can be used to attract. The 200 series and 300 series have nickel, so they have no magnetism and cannot absorb iron.

304 is the most common variety in the 300 series, so the overall price trend of stainless steel can generally be determined from the price changes of 304. The 200 series contains less nickel, the 400 series does not, and the 300 series contains the most nickel, so the 300 series is most affected by nickel price.

The 300 series can be simply divided into 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 309S, 310S, and so on. The differentiation is based on the different contents of various metal elements, and the characteristics of stainless steel with different contents are also different. The difference between 304 and 304L is the difference in carbon (C) content. The ones with L indicate low carbon content, also known as low-carbon, and the difference between 316 and 316L is the same.

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