Social Responsibility

Ningshing Holdings has long been participant in various social welfare activities, and endeavors to fulfill corporate social responsibility. It has carried out “One-day Salary Donation” activities since year 1999. For the victims of Wenchuan Earthquake, Yushu Earthquake, SARS and Novel Coronavirus Pandemic, the Company has actively donated money and materials. Ningshing has also donated a total of RMB 4 million Yuan in four rounds to set up “Ningshing Educational Charity Fund”, which has so far sponsored more than 700 outstanding university students who were in need. For the past 20 years, Ningshing has made donations for the development of Ningshing Shangyang Primary School and also actively participated in the public volunteer service. Not only does Ningshing actively participate in charitable cause, but it also makes efforts to strengthen the awareness and dedication of the staff to care for society and creates a good atmosphere of the enthusiasm, love and mutual assistance within the enterprise.

Students in Mind, Fully Funded Education

Since 1997, Ningshing has made financial donations to help educational development of Ningbo Beilun Baifeng Ningshing Shangyang Primary School (now incorporated into the Baifeng Town Central Primary School). The accumulated amount of contributions are up to RMB 1.2 million Yuan. And in year 2017, the company has set up Ningshing Scholarship to fund the teachers and students of the school. Since 2003, the Company has funded a total 4 million Yuan in four rounds to set up “Ningshing Educational Charity Fund”, which has so far sponsored more than 700 college students from Ningbo. In Year 2017, the Company paired with Ningbo Damin School to care for the mentally handicapped children and has set up Ningshing-Love Car-wash House in the school.

Disaster Relief and Contributions

When Wenchuan earthquake in Sichuan province occurred in 2008, the Company together with all it employees carried out the donations and assistance activities for the earthquake disaster relief in totally four times, the total donations of which accumulated to RMB 1.4 million Yuan. During the fight against SARS in 2003, Ningshing contributed over RMB 160 thousand Yuan for the medical staff in Ningbo who were fighting in the first line against SARS, and also provided them with infrared thermometer, special masks, isolation gowns and eye goggles. And Nignshing was granted the “Anti SARS Material Support Award” by Ningbo Anti SARS Leading Group Office. When Typhoon Morakot, Yushu earthquake and Southwest drought disaster came to cause huge losses to the affected people, Ningshing Holdings took practical actions to make contributions to disaster relief donation activities.

People in Mind, Actively Participated in Public Welfare Activities

Since 1999, Ningshing has carried out “One-day Salary Donation” activities each year, which raised more than RMB 1 million Yuan donations in total. Ningshing also organized such welfare activities as Ningshing Cup tennis match, anti-Fitow piano charity show and blood donation. Besides, Ningshing has actively organized various voluntary welfare activities including Anti-NCP activities, civilized traffic volunteer, garbage classification activities, rail workers condolences, caring for empty nesters and caring for migrant workers.

Community in Mind, Fulfill Corporate Citizenship Responsibility

Ningshing adheres to the philosophy of “sensible and trustworthy, establish by virtue ”, and abides by the professional ethics, pays taxes according to law, actively creates employment opportunities for the society, fulfills environmental responsibility, strengthens staff’s environmental awareness, and earnestly fulfills corporate citizenship responsibility.